Local organization helps farms thrive by adapting to new normal

ALBANY, Ga. – “I love talking about the food that we have, so that’s another reason why we encourage people to come to this space,” says Fredando Jackson, executive director of Flint River Fresh about the community garden space that has evolved into becoming a destination for produce harvested by local farmers.

While some businesses and organizations have struggled to stay in afloat throughout this pandemic. Others, like Flint River Fresh have adapted to the climate to better serve their community during this time.

“So the whole purpose was to create a space to teach people how to grow food but once the pandemic took place it actually became a destination for people to get fresh food.”

Since April, Flint River Fresh has partnered with local farmers to sell their colorful, nutritious produce from a farm stand three times a week at affordable prices. 

“We’re here to make sure that the farmers have an outlet but then also, making sure that those that have a need can afford it. We want to make sure that if you just have a dollar in your pocket that you could come to out farmstead and walk away with something.”

Not only could you walk away with fresh fruits, you can walk away knowing you supported your local economy.

“The thing about purchasing local is that it stays within our community. So when you make a purchase from our farmers you’re purchasing from people that stay in Randolph County, Mitchell County, Colquitt that are close proximity and it does a lot for our rural community.”

And now Farmer Fredo has made it as easy as ever to enjoy produce by offering deliveries.

“People are adhering to shelter in place so on Saturdays we have a group of about 40 volunteers that meet here at the community garden and we deliver about 300-500 boxes.”

To purchase a box of fresh produce click here.