Local law enforcement discusses ongoing violence

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(ALBANY, GA) – Local law enforcement, Albany, and Dougherty County officials came together Wednesday morning to discuss the latest incident in an ongoing crime problem in the Good Life City.

Including Monday night’s shooting that’s left two dead.

“The Albany Police Department has and will continue to use all resources available to combat the violence that’s been occurring this year. As we find those persons responsible, we have and will jail them for the crimes, and prepare our cases for a successful prosecution,”” says Police Chief, Michael Persley.

Some concerned members of the community voiced their concerns on how to try and curb the culture that surrounds and leads up to these acts of violence.

With some offering ideas on how the city can attack the root of the problem.

Local pastor, Lawrence Knighton suggests that, “Until we put something in place, for recreation, nothing is going to change. Hear me now, I’m telling you, until there’s something done for recreation, nothing is going to change. I’m saying that on record.”

With investigations into the shooing on Wingate continuing, law enforcement as well as local officials are encouraging that people shouldn’t be afraid to speak up and report these crimes.”

Dougherty County Sheriff, Kevin Sproul told those in attendance, “We have to have a very active community watch program in our communities. We will stop some of this, but we need to hear from you. You call 436-tips, or you call someone at our local offices hear, and you let them know you saw something suspicious.”

Chief Persley says, “If you don’t speak up, you could potentially be the next victim. That’s just the honest truth. Those who want to remain anonymous, you can still call ad give us information. You know who’s in the police department, you know who’s in the sheriff’s department.”

Anyone with any information should contact the Albany Police at (229) 431-2100 or Albany Crimestoppers at (229) 436-8477