Local internet provider making changes to help bandwidth during pandemic

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(ALBANY, GA)- With parents working from home, and kids having to learn in online classes, some are concerned if their internet can handle it during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We reached out to Mediacom Communications Director, Phyllis Peters about the concerns Monday afternoon, and what they’re doing to mend any possible problems.

Peters tells us, “Instead of so much of the traffic being at a peak time in the evening, say 8-11, it’s spread out during the day. Our network was built to meet those peak performance times, and those peaks are now happening during the day.”

With more streaming, be it classes, video conferencing, or even just an increase in basic streaming, an internet service provider like Mediacom is trying to make sure there isn’t a service stoppage when people need it.

“We have taken some steps in these last 10 days to really meet the needs of our consumers who aren’t using home internet. We know it’s essential for work, for learning, for staying connected, and we want to be sure that more people have it, rather than not,” says Peters.

To help alleviate any concerns for those whose budgets may not support all of the extra bandwidth working from home, Mediacom is also dropping a few penalties for the time being.

Peters says, “During this time, we are not imposing any data allowance charges if people go over their monthly allowance. We will not charge late fees, and we will not disconnect.”

Mediacom officials also say that the changes to overages and disconnections will stay in effect until Mid-May.