Local business owner warns about counterfeit bills

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Courtesy of Lindsay Bridges

(ALBANY, GA). For Lindsay Bridges, it should have been business at her cupcake shop.

However, she got a $100 bill from a customer that seemed off.

Bridges tells us, “There were differences. It felt different to regular money, and it looked like a print line, coming down the side. And that’s what made me question it was that ink line.

That’s because bridges had received a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill.

Bridges and her business are already taking steps to prevent more counterfeit bills from circulating around Albany by limiting cash payment to $20bills.

But even then, one counterfeit bill can still cause some damage.

“Not only did this cost me a hundred dollars ,but they got cupcakes and just walked out the door. And with the pandemic, our business has slowed down, so it hurts,”

The counterfeit is being handled by the secret service, but Bridges wants her fellow business owners to be cautious about potentially more counterfeit bills making their way in.

She warns, “Keep your eyes open for it, it’s circulating. Keep your guard up, if you’re not comfortable with it, or it’s questionable at all, you can always ask if the customer has another form of payment.”

It’s a felony offense to distribute or possess counterfeit bills.