Lee County officials discuss school security with parents

(LEESBURG, Ga)- Concerned families and county officials alike came together Tuesday evening to discuss the safety of the Lee County School System.

Including what various law enforcement agencies are doing to ensure the safety of students.

“We don’t want to scare or alarm you, but what we hope to get out is that we are preparing and want to get your input,” Says LCSS Superintendent, Dr. Jason Miller

Lee County law enforcement have done their best to not only outfit the schools to keep the students safe.

But to help maintain a positive environment for students.

Leesburg Police Lieutenant, Jason Anthony told those in attendance, “We started a group called ‘Men’ and we open it up for every middle school in the district. And we talk with these kids about becoming a positive individual in the community.

As many of the parents get a better idea of how the county is looking out for the safety of their students, and keeping an eye out for certain behaviors.

“Sometimes, they have some kind of mental health issues that’s either diagnosed or undiagnosed. Changes in behavior, appearance, wanting to do self har, or talking about being bullied,” says Colonel Chris Owens with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

With all of the advancements made by the lee county school system with the help of law enforcement, the bar can be continuously raised for the sake of the students.