Lee County HS 9th Grade Campus to cut ribbon on community project

(LEESBURG, GA)-A few students with disabilities at Lee County High School’s 9th Grade Campus are giving back to their community.

It’s being done through what’s known as “The Giving Tree Project”

Ninth Grade Teacher, Donielle Powell says, ”The giving tree is basically a place where kids can come and get clothes if they need them at the 9th grade campus. My kids, my students are able to come here also, and get life skills…”

Since starting the project in September, the students have received more than 1,000 pieces of clothing, all of which will be given to less fortunate students.

“It’s great because our students get the life skills and job skills to go into the community and be able to work,” says Powell

We spoke with a couple of the students about being a part of the Giving Tree Project.

17 year old student, Kristen Classon says, ”It just makes me feel like, it just makes you feel happy about it. It just makes me feel happy that we’re giving clothes to people in need who need clothes and stuff…”

“We come in here and put up clothes, and give back to our community,” says student, Brooke Brokamp.

The Lee County High School will cut the ribbon on the project Tuesday morning.