Lee County High School students learn safety with seatbelts

(LEESBURG, Ga)- Nearly every Lee County High School student was out Tuesday afternoon was out as Lee County Fire and EMS along with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety gave students some first hand effects of drunk driving.

Lee County Fire Safety Educator, Kyle Lentz tells us, “We feel like it’s gotten complacent over the years, so this year, we brought out some toys from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.”

Events included a seatbelt convincer, showing students how much force a seatbelt can stop and a rollover to see how quickly a person can go flying out of a vehicle.

As well, students were given a chance to see how impaired they are with drunk goggles, and realizing the importance of taking a second to buckle up.

“This is why we brought this stuff out. So they can feel it, see it, play with it, and interact with it.”

Plenty of the students feel the impact the day was trying to leave on them as well.

Sophomore Pranavi Gottapu, who’s not even a week away from getting her license says, “Honestly, I feel like people don’t really know the exact dangers of driving. And some people just take it lightly, and it’s a risk not worth taking if you don’t follow the safety rules.”

Junior Dylan Brokamp has had his license for less than a year, but as a new driver he understands the importance of an event like this.

“I think it really shows how much the police department and everyone who put this on cares about the students and our safety, and it really does give us an opportunity to see what we need,” says Brokamp.

Junior Aniyah Bryant is about to get her license, and she tells us, “I feel like when you just have your permit, you think ‘oh I just wanna drive’ but it’s not just driving, it’s the safety of other people, and not just yourself.”

In addition to Lee County Fire and EMS and the Office of Highway Safety, the program was put on by the Lee County High School Chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions.