Law enforcement issues warning on celebratory gunfire

(ALBANY, GA)- While some are getting ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve, law enforcement is cracking down on those who are celebrating by firing off guns.

“Well, you know with anything, what goes up must come down, so it goes up really fast, and it’ll come down fast, so absolutely. If you’re firing a gun and you’re in a crowd, it’ll come down, but who’s it gonna hit,” says Sergeant Richard Norman of the Albany Police Department.

For officers on patrol, there is zero tolerance for those who fire rounds within the city.

Sergeant Norman tells us, ”If local law enforcement catches you, you can go to jail. We have a standard city ordinance about discharging dangerous weapons within the city limits, it is prohibited. Please don’t pull your guns out. If anything, leave the guns where they’re secure.”

From what we were told, the charges begin to stack:
The first charge is for discharging a firearm in the city limits.

Then there are state laws involving reckless conduct…

It builds all the way up to potential murder charges if the bullets end up hitting and killing someone.

Recent years though have been much quieter when it comes to celebratory gunfire.

“In the last couple of years since the legalization of fireworks, it’s kind of tapered down a little bit, people are using fireworks more than firearms…,” says Norman.

The Albany Police Department is also reminding residents that according to a city ordinance,  loud celebrations will only be allowed until 1 A.M.