Latest on officer involved shooting in Tift County

(ELDORADO, GA) – Investigators were on scene in Eldorado Friday morning that’s left one Tift County deputy injured.

Early reports from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation say that deputies were called to investigate two men knocking on multiple doors on Tifton-Eldorado Road.

“When Tift County deputies arrived on scene, they attempted to identify the men, and during that incident, one of the men actually raised a gun and ended up shooting one of those deputies,” says GBI Director of Public Affairs, Nelly Miles.

One Tift County deputy was wounded and is in serious condition at this time, along with one of the suspects.

The GBIi’s Sylvester office is currently handling the investigation.

Miles says, “They are conducting an independent investigation, and once the investigation is complete, it’s going to be turned over to the Tift County District Attorney’s office for further review.”

We spoke with members of the Eldorado community both on and off camera about the shooting, with all of them offering support for the deputy at this time.

“It’s definitely terrible, it feels like more and more, of this happens all of the time, and it’s very tragic and sad. Like I said before, we’re just praying for the families involved because we know it’s not easy,” says local Assistant Pastor, Dillon Helms

Tift County Sheriff, Gene Scarbrough announced on Facebook on Sunday that the deputy injured has been released from the hospital and is at home.