Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful hosts Water Festival for Dougherty students

(ALBANY, Ga) – Hundreds of third graders from across Dougherty County are getting an early lesson in water quality from experts across Southwest Georgia.

Kee Albany-Dougherty Beautiful Executive Director, Judy Bowles tells us, “It’s becoming on all of us to realize that we have to protect the quality and quantity of the water. And you can’t start educating too young.”

It’s all part off their 15th annual Water Festival.

More than 800 students are getting to learn about the significance of maintaining water quality, especially in the region.

“I think it’s really important to educate the younger kids, so that as they grow up, they’ll understand it better, as they grow up and get involved in their future activities and jobs and that kind of thing,” says Bert Early of the Georgia Forestry Commission.

As well teaching the kids about water quality can also stop the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses, as Dougherty County Public Works Environmental Control Manager, Donnell Mathis tells us.

Mathis says, “I’m talking to them today about mosquito control, West Nile Virus, and things they can do outside, like pouring out standing water. As well as different types of mosquitos, mosquitos that take their blood meals during the daytime…”

The Water Festival will run through Thursday, September 26th.