Illegal dumping becoming a problem in Albany


(ALBANY, Ga)- Several properties in neighborhoods in Albany have been the site for people dumping their trash illegally over the last few months.

Properties in both South, and East Albany have had trash sitting out on abandoned properties for some time.

Both residents off-camera and county officials on-camera say they’re appalled to see their neighborhoods reduced to a dumping ground.

Judy Bowles, the Executive Director of Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful tells us, “It is not only unsightly looking, but all of that debris brings rats, roaches, and snakes in. Then we have children that go through it to see if there’s any toys. So it’s unsightly, but it’s also a health issue.”

City Commissioner, John Howard says that illegal dumping is something that has been a bigger problem this year compared to those in the past.

“But it’s just such an alarming thing to happen in the city of Albany, Georgia. I’ve been a City Commissioner for 25 years, and this is the worst I’ve seen in 25 years with household furniture and other things being dumped illegally in the community,” says Howard.

For those who are still making abandoned properties their dumping ground, there are consequences.

Bowles says, “If we catch you, you can have up to a thousand dollar fine The judge can make you pick up within a one mile radius of all the debris thats there. And if you’re a repeat offender, you can do jail time.”

Dougherty County allows anyone with the county tag to bring up to 250 pounds of trash six days a week to the county landfill.