How you can prepare for the 2021 Hurricane Season

(ALBANY, GA) – While there is no immediate threat of a hurricane at this time, plenty of places are advising that people be prepared for storms later on in the season.

Tifton Fire Chief, Bobby Bennett says now is the best time to make sure emergency supplies are in order.

Chief Bennett tells us, “You need to have a plan. You need to let your family know what you’re doing, have a survival kit is what they call it. Plenty of food and water, cash, any prescriptions, make sure you keep them filled and with you.”

Back in Albany, one local motor company has been making sure that people’s generators and tools to clear debris are up to the task.

“It goes further than that. People are stocking up on gas cans, mixing oil. Anything related to chainsaws and generators. You know, people are getting their generators serviced as one of the biggest things, because alot of people don’t even service them until they need them,” says Potter Motors Manager, Lane Potter.

And more than two years later, the memory of the damage from Hurricane Michael still serves as a reminder to be prepared for when a major storm can roll in.

Potter tells us, “It should make people want to do it even more. Hitting home as hard as it (Michael) did, it destroyed a lot of family’s businesses, it destroyed a lot of land, and it should make people want to do this even more.”

The National Weather Service is predicting between 13 and 20 named storms for the 2021 Hurricane Season.