‘Help us help you’: First Responders in Dooly Co. asking residents to update mailbox numbers

Response time has been affected as a result of not being able to precisely pinpoint the address due to numbers not being visible.

VIENNA, Ga. – First responders in Vienna have been running into a problem, that problem? Not being able to identify house numbers when out on calls. South Georgia Television News Reporter Quinlan Parker “Our goal is to get to you as quickly and as efficiently as we can…” said Vienna Police Chief Ketorie Sales.

Time is of the essence when you call 911.

“Our goal is to get to you as quickly and as efficiently as we can, and that’s one way that would help us out with that.” said Sales.

But lately first responders like Vienna Police Chief Ketorie Sales and his team have been running into trouble when responding to calls with mailboxes that are either missing numbers or don’t have any on them at all.

“It definitely can slow down response time if we have to pull up on a block then slow down to try to figure out which is which. I mean it may give time for somebody to get away that we’re trying to get to.” Sales said.

Chief Sales says there some residents who don’t have mailboxes at all, which then means first responders have to look on the houses itself in order to find the right address.

“You may have one or two houses that have it in the block, then some of them you don’t or either you’ll have some that are on the house, some that are on the mailbox…so then you have to try to look at the houses, and see if you see it on the house itself, and some residents don’t have it on the house itself.” said Chief Sales.

Another problem first responders face is their dispatch not being in Dooly County, meaning they are not familiar with the area causing another issue when going on calls.

Chief Sales recommends getting reflective numbers to put on your mailbox specifically for when they have to respond to calls at night. He says you can get them from True Value or the O’riley’s store. You can also find them at any store that sales mailbox materials.