Groups working to reunite lost dogs with their families following 4th of July

(ALBANY, GA) – Meet Coco. She was picked up by the Albany Humane Society over the weekend, and she’s one of many area pets who got out during the 4th of July festivities.

Humane Society volunteer, Gail West tells us, “She’s a very good example of what happens during a holiday where there’s a ton of fireworks. She’s a hunting dog, she’s a gun dog. And so when she hears it, she doesn’t know if she’s supposed to run away or run towards it…”

Humane societies and animal hospitals have been checking dogs brought through their doors as early as Monday morning, trying to see who they belong to.

Philema Animal Hospital Veterinarian, Dr. Trey Morrison says, “We’ve had calls Monday and Tuesday, this morning with ‘hey I found this dog. If you see this dog, call us’ and so what we tell them is ‘can you run them by and let us scan for the microchip.’”

As groups like the Albany Humane Society are working around the clock to reunite dogs who were lost over the holiday weekend, they want people to know to come to them first.

“They really should legally bring them to the shelters so that we can document them and get them on Facebook. Cause that’s where people turn to when their animals are missing, is our shelter. As they should,” says west.

But even after all the fireworks, there’s one thing that matters: reuniting them with their owners, safe and sound.

“Really what we want to do is get them on Facebook and reunited with their owners. Because somebody’s missing these dogs, and these dogs are missing their home. So that’s kind of our goal is to anticipate for it, and get them back on home with their owners,” west says.

According to the ASPC, nearly one in five dogs go missing during the 4th of July holiday.