Fowler continues fight for larger Coroner’s Office budget

(ALBANY, GA) – Arguments between Dougherty County Coroner, Michael Fowler and the County Commission continued in regards to this year’s budget.

Previously, County Commissioners hinted a funding cut was coming to the coroner’s office for 2022, citing the office’s four straight year of budget overages.

Fowler says costs vary and be difficult to forecast year to year.

“Death cannot be predicted. We don’t know how many drug deaths we’re going to have, we don’t know how many homicides or suicides. We don’t know if we’re going to have another disaster. So i’d rather we have the funds there than during a disaster…,” says Fowler.

He stresses he needs help, noting the Coroner’s Office has no full time deputies.

Regarding the Coroner’s Office budget shortfalls, he says he’s being honest and transparent.

Fowler tells us, “The money that doesn’t get used can always go back into the. Budget. One year can bring back up to $15,000. So we’re not misusing the money, I’m being transparent with the public, because that’s taxpayer money. I want to be honest with the public and let them know what we’re doing.”

As Fowler continues to advocate for more money for the Coroner’s Office, a solution may be coming as early as next week.

He says, “The next step is I hope next week they finalize it and vote on it. Once they vote on it, and I want to move forward and get back to the citizens of Dougherty County, doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and serving the public and the community.”

Fowler will go again before the County Commission during the next work session meeting on Monday, June 28th at 10 A.M.