Former ICE detainee speaks up about treatment in Irwin County

(OCILLA, GA) – Less than a week following Immigration and Customs Enforcement severed ties with the Irwin County Detention Center, one of the survivors spoke with us about her experience.”

Lourdes T. who has asked to not have her last name aired tells us, “You don’t even treat animals like that. We are humans, and as humans we have a right if we are patients, we have a right to being treated the way we’re supposed to be, but that was not the way we were treated.”

She was held at the Irwin County Detention Center, during the time the prison had an ICE contract.

According to her, procedures were not mandatory, but she says they had a way of convincing female inmates.

She claims, “Any female who was going to see him was told ‘oh you have a cyst. It’s of a bigger size and we need to do surgery’”

As investigations continue into the detention center, Lourdes says that the ICE contract being ended is a major step forward for immigrants like her.

But she’s still looking for one more thing.

“I’ve got issues to get out, I’ve got issues to fix myself and I need justice. Even the women who were deported after surgery, I ask for justice too,” she says.

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