First Responders talk being on call for Christmas

(ALBANY, GA)- For many people, it was an uneventful Christmas.

But for first responders, regardless of where they are, it’s been business as usual.

“We run a certain amount of calls a shift. I think we ended up having like 14 calls that day, last shift. I know they were busy last night and when we came in this morning,” says Dougherty County EMT, Brandi Malone

One of the first responders I spoke to, Brandon Cook says that this year is his first time being on call for Christmas day.

While he doesn’t mind it, he knows that being on call needs to be done.

Cook said, “It’s like any other day, people are still getting sick, people are still getting into accidents and getting hurt. So they’re gonna need us out there to help keep them safe and provide care.”

While they were fortunate that very few calls came in, that’s not to say that it’s been all quiet for them.

“We don’t like to say that word, but it’s been decent this morning.”

First responders with Dougherty County EMS had more than a dozen calls Christmas Eve.