Fireworks sales boom after COVID cancels events

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(ALBANY, GA) – As communities across the country are canceling their Independence Day celebrations, including fireworks displays, due to COVID-19 concerns, many in the public are turning to buying their own this year.

Ledo Road pop up stand, TNT Fireworks has only been open for a couple of weeks, but they’ve been feeling the surge.

“Yeah, we’ve noticed that a lot of people this ear, in fact we just opened up this past weekend, and usually it’s super slow. But people have been showing up, and buying the biggest celebrations they can have at home,” says TNT’s Taylor Walker.

With the increase in fireworks sold to the public, public officials are as always urging safety.

Especially Albany Fire Department’s Plan Review Specialist, Carlton Russell as many of those contributing to this boom in fireworks sales are lighting them up for the first time.

Rusell tells us, “Yesterday, i met an 86 year old woman who was buying fireworks for the first time, said she had absolutely no idea what she was doing with them, and that she was getting them for other family members.”

Regardless of whether or not it’s your first time launching fireworks at home, the one thing both vendors like Taylor and the Albany Fire Department want people to remember is to keep safety in mind, given the more intimate setting.

“I’ll tell you this, fireworks and alcohol do not mix. If you’re gonna be drinking, just sit back and look at the fireworks. Don’t try to involve yourself in shooting them, and that type of thing. Just make sure you read the instructions,” says Russell.

Walker says, “We just want to make sure that you are shooting off your fireworks in an open field, not a lot of trees around where they can stop the fireworks from going up and exploding or anything close.”

Residents in the City of Albany will be able to launch fireworks on July 4th, starting from 10 A.M. to 2 A.M. the next morning.