Douglas community responds to child care center shut down

(DOUGLAS, GA) – As investigations continue into the circumstances surrounding the death of a toddler at Akim Academy in Douglas continue, we spoke with members of the community about this tragedy.

“I don’t think there’s anything that you can say or do to help that family, cause there’s no words. Losing a child is something you’re not supposed to do,” says Coffee County resident, Susan Buchan

In an emergency order issued by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, the incident involved a nine month old child who had swallowed a dried pinto bean, with the child’s breathing getting progressively worse through the day.

They’ve been shut down for the next three weeks.

Some believe that the incident was entirely accidental.

Douglas resident, Barbara Lanier tells us, ‘I’m not really sure how the baby got the almond in its mouth or the pinto bean, but I think this accident could’ve happened to anybody actually.

As investigations continue into Akim Academy, many we spoke to on and off camera are hoping for a peaceful resolution.

“I think they’re gonna investigate it 100 percent. And my grandson is in daycare, and if they were investigating over there, i believe they would do the right thing,” says lanier

While Buchan says, “It’s hard to say, i just hate it for the whole community. That’s really sad, and I’m just getting news of it. But I hope they get it resolved.”

The Akim Academy incident is also being investigated by the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office.