Dougherty County to launch healthy community program

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(ALBANY, GA) – It’s no surprise that people have been sitting at at home more than ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic

That’s why the Dougherty County Commission is issuing a challenge to the community to live a healthier lifestyle following weeks of lockdown.

“We’re trying to encourage more recreation, more activities in the community in order to make us happier, healthier and stronger. One of the things we’ve identified as a potential resource for a grant is the American Public Health Association, for a wellness program for the entire county,” says County Commission Chairman, Chris Cohilas.

Dougherty County received a $100,000 grant from the American Public Health Association and is partnering with Flint River Fresh to create the program not just to help encourage a healthy lifestyle, but bring hope to food deserts in the county.

Flint River Fresh Executive Director, Fredando Jackson says, “The end goal is to go into areas that are food deserts, help with establishing a couple more community garden spaces, as well as teach people how to grow food.”

As the county begins to move forward with the grant money, they’re hoping to promote a healthy living in the community could help prevent further spread of covid.

Chairman Cohilas tells us, “What we need to do is focus on the base, foundational things that improve your overall immune system. We know that to be staying healthy, happy and strong. And these are the things that help people withstand things like the coronavirus.”

Dougherty County will be awarded the grant in September.