Dougherty County School System set to open mental health facility

(ALBANY, Ga)- The Dougherty County School System is looking out for the mental health of their students.

They announced that starting in January 2020, their partnership with Albany Area Primary Health Care will start with a mental health clinic at Albany Middle School for the students.

Dougherty County Schools’ Director of Community Relations, LaKisha Bryant Bruce says, “We understand that when our students come to school, a lot of times they can become overwhelmed. They can have issues facing them that they really need help working through.”

It will provide students with one-on-one and even group therapy sessions.

Primary Care Chief Operating Officer, Clifton Bush tells us this program will help keep kids in school for the day.

“Us being able to open this facility of course helps with that access to care. And also helps where kids can be seen without having to be absent from school because they are already taken out of class, and they’re seen and then they can go back to class,” says Bush.

The new clinic will also help out with any transportation needs that families may not be able to meet.

Bush says, “Opening this facility and gaining more access to care for students and the community here in Southwest Georgia is a plus for everyone. Especially for kids.”

While Bruce says, “We’re making sure that we’re providing the services that helps students succeed at whatever evel they need.”

At this time, Albany Primary Care has a mental health facility at Turner Elementary School.