Dougherty County Probate Judge accused of threats speaks up

(ALBANY, GA) – Earlier this year, Dougherty County Probate Judge, Leisa Blount was accused of making terroristic threats towards a county employee. Now her side is speaking up about what happened.

Blount’s attorneys, Maurice King and Pete Donaldson say their client felt her safety had been compromised by, a fellow Dougherty County employee.

Donaldson said Tuesday afternoon, “He had a pass-key into the building in general. But there was no need. I don’t even know if there was a separate key to her door, but there should have been no one on the premises.

According to Blount’s attorneys, what their client did next is something most women would do, when feeling threatened.

“Judge Blount ran to the public defender’s office, knocking on their door, and she was upset…and what Judge Blount was trying to do was protect herself from what she thought was a danger,” says King.

Blount’s defense team says it’s motioning the court for her case to be thrown out as a non-issue.

King tells us, “We’re hopeful that the district attorney will dismiss these charges and not waste the taxpayers’ money trying to try this case.”

While Donaldson says, “Folks in Dougherty County have a right to know that the courts are operated properly and that nobody should be prosecuted for anything.”

According to her defense team, a trial date has not been set for Blount’s case.