Dougherty County officials host forum on holiday safety

(ALBANY, Ga)- Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t far away, but Dougherty County officials don’t want concerned citizens taking any chances this holiday season.

Whether you’re shopping online, or in a store.

“We have nosy folks out there, profiling us, and waiting to rob us. They’re waiting to see what they can get cheap and easy. So bring your packages in when you can at a certain time if you can,” says Dougherty County Sheriff, Kevin Sproul.

The Dougherty County Police Department will also being doing their part to help keep an eye on your home if you’re going to be out.

Assistant Chief, Tatesha Irving says, “We have a house checklist that we can put you on. You can call our police department and say, ‘Hey I’m leaving. I’m going out of town on Monday, coming back on Sunday’ we’ll put your house on our checklist. We’ll make sure an officer is going by, periodically, throughout the day and night.”

In addition to keeping an eye out on porch pirates, county officials also suggest keeping any vacation plans off of social media as well.

This is especially true if you’re planning on flying or even driving out of state to go see family.

“When you’re going out of town, please don’t post it on social media. Thieves are always looking, like,  ‘Mr Jackson’s gonna be out of town, and he’s gonna be gone Tuesday to Thursday, okay, while he’s gone, I’m gonna move in,” says Assistant Chief Iriving.

The holiday safety isn’t limited to what happens in November and December either.

Dougherty County Coroner, Michael Fowler also had a few things to say for those going out for Halloween on the 31st.

He says, “It’s a good idea to keep a laid out map, these are the houses you want to go too. Because you don’t know if your kids are going to a sex offender’s house, you don’t know if there’s a predator.”

Assistant Chief Irving says that if you’re expecting a large package delivered during the holidays and you aren’t home, you can have it shipped to a Walgreens in the city for holding.