Dougherty County leaders give COVID-19 update

Government Center Albany

(ALBANY, GA) – Dougherty County community leaders announcing the latest developments in the fight against COVID-19 at a briefing Tuesday..

Officials with Phoebe Health System says it’s holding steady with 60 patients being treated for Coronavirus.

The health system is one of a few in the state of georgia to test the drug, Remdesivir which has shown positive results in treating COVID-19 patients.

Dougherty County has had a number of 1,667 cases so far– with 139 deaths.

Dougherty County Commission Chairman, Christopher Cohilas also spoke about extended social distancing measures as re-opening continues in Southwest Georgia.

Phoebe Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Stephen Kitchen says, “Patients who have COVID-19 who have received this drug called Remdesivir have shown two things. Generally, the course of their illness has not been as severe as patients who have not received the drug.”

“We have seen the virus slow down significantly in our community. And it’s due in part not only in the actions we’ve taken in policies, but the actions taken by the citizens. By listening to things about social distancing and masking up,” says Cohilas.

The Phoebe Health System announced that more than 320 inpatients have recovered from COVID-19.