Dougherty County GOP and Democratic Chairmen respond to election integrity law

(ALBANY, GA) – Following the passing of a controversial voting bill in Atlanta, we speak with the leaders of Dougherty County’s Democratic and Republican parties for their take.

James Williams is the chair of the Dougherty County Democratic Party and Tracy Taylor, his GOP counterpart , both of whom have their differences when it comes to Georgia’s new Election Integrity Law.

“I think requiring voter id or driver’s license is very necessary. And I think it’s not suppressing anyone’s vote,” says Taylor.

While Williams with the Democratic Party tells us, “It hinders people of color, and that’s why we’re saying voter suppression, Jim Crow 202 is very active.”

One of law’s controversial aspects? No food and water handouts while voters wait to cast their ballot .

“What if that person is sick and passes out in line? And all we had to do is give them water? If they get sick and call medical, they’re gonna make sure that person gets medical…,” says Williams

It’s believed that giving voters food, water or anything of value could sway the way they vote.

Taylor tells us, “…Those group’s party affiliation; it’s no secret that they were democrats. So i feel like that’s persuading voters to vote a certain way. So i don’t see anything wrong by putting that provision in…”

Despite the bill’s passing into law, both Dougherty County Democrats, and Republicans have plans in place for future elections.

“Cast your ballot with confidence. Believe that your ballot is being counted. Do not feel like you’re being oppressed. Nothing is going to stop or hinder anyone from casting a legitimate ballot,” says Taylor.

“Let’s be proactive and show people. We’re gonna show up at the polls, regardless of whatever rules you make, we’re gonna go by the rules, we’re gonna show up at the polls, and we’re gonna vote!” says Williams.