Dougherty County family still seeking justice for father and 14-year-old killed in 2019 car crash

The accident happened on Gravel Hill Road

DOUGHERTY COUNTY, GA – On March 26, 2019 a fatal car crash occurred on Gravel Hill Road in Dougherty county, tragically killing 14-year-old Wesley Hubbard, and his father, Dale Hubbard…

After four years, the family is speaking out still seeking justice for their loved ones.“They were extremely close. I think they had a bond that was a little stronger than most. Where you saw one you saw the other,” said Cathy Hubbard – Wesley’s Mother, Dale’s Wife.Cathy Hubbard still thinks about her late husband Dale and son Wesley, daily.She says their life before the crash was nothing but laughs, fishing, hunting and abundance of love.Hubbard never expected a quick run to the store would turn fatal for them.“My sister, Dale, Ethan and Wesley were coming down Gravel Hill Road which is south down this way, and they were headed north going into town, and Mr. Jewell was heading east, and blew threw the stop sign and hit Dale’s Chevrolet truck right at the wheel, and the truck rolled down this embankment and then settled right here along the fence,” said Doug Dent – Cathy’s brother, Wesley’s uncle, Dale’s brother-in-law.“I remember I heard myself scream…oh God! I could hear Dale beside me… there was nothing I could do. I was pinned also, Ethan was crying begging me to help him. He was half out of the truck. I asked Ethan ‘where’s Wesley’ because I couldn’t hear him and he said momma he’s gone,” said Cathy.

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14-year-old Wesley was ejected almost 100 feet and killed on impact, Dale, succumbed to his injuries 5 weeks later from severe brain damage… Cathy, still, by his side.Dougherty County Coroner Michael Fowler responded to the horrific accident…” I pronounced him at 11:25, he had multiple blunt force trauma. It is sad to see a child like that. My heart goes out to the family because it was a life that should not have been gone,” said Coroner Fowler.“They finally got me out of the truck, I saw a female Dougherty county deputy, and I heard her say we have somebody over here, and she pointed, and I could see Wesley laying in the field, and I begged them to let me get to him,” said Cathy.

Fowler says he remembers Cathy begging for her son, but due to the extensive nature of Wesley’s injuries, the only thing she was able to see of her son was a photo of his hand.

“Most families want to come see their child. I encouraged them not to because you don’t want to see your child like that, because it’s a lasting memory. I don’t want any mother or father to see their child like that,” said Coroner Fowler.Investigators say 18 year-old Ryan Peter Jewell of Pelham Alabama was typing in a destination on his maps at the time of the crash.He was charged with four counts of serious injury by vehicle, vehicular homicide, reckless driving, distracted driving and failure to yield.“We have not been to court, I’ve been subpoenaed twice, and both times I showed up it was put off,” said Cathy.Hubbard says meetings and hearings were continuously cancelled.Hubbard says Jewell blamed her loved ones for the crash.“Ryan said we were at fault… and that we ran the stop sign,” said Cathy.And, even four years later, Hubbard says she is still waiting for justice.“He never showed no remorse, we’re not asking for him to ruin his life. But, I just feel like sooner or later, he has to answer for his actions and it’s just not fair for this to continue going on and on and on, making us feel like his life was never worth the attention,” said Doug.“I want accountability, I want justice, I want an apology. There’s a lot of things that we’re entitled to that we’re not getting,” said Cathy.

Mary Alex Anders reached out to Dougherty County’s top prosecutor, Greg Edwards, who was not available for an interview this week, however she will be speaking with him on this case soon.

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