Dougherty County EMS implements patient tracking system


(ALBANY, Ga)- Dougherty County Emergency Medical Services is about to take a big technological leap forward.

The agency is partnering with the Dougherty County Health Department to fully implement a system called HC Patient Tracking.

EMS Director, Sam Allen tells us, “With this program, you’re able to take ypour smartphone and read the bardocde, put the initial information in and uplink it. And from there, we’re able to track where the patient goes.”

In the event of a worst-case scenario involving dozens of victims, EMS will be able to use these new tags to determine if a person needs immediate care, or even get an airlift.

All first responders have to do is make a decision based on a color coordinated list of conditions ranging from green to black.

Dougherty EMS Training Supervisor, Dickie Livingston showed us how the system works. He says, “We’re able to take that barcode, and say ‘hey this patient went to Macon.’ And that way there’s an accountability for later on down the road. If law enforcement or family ask ‘I need to know where this patient’s at’ we can look it up. We can say they went to one of our local hospitals or they went elsewhere.”

They got to test he patient tracking with the help of the Marine Corps Logistics Base during a drill.

They’re going to be able to reach out to more than just hospitals as well.

“With this system in place, I can tell the school administration, and law enforcement exactly how many people were transported to Phoebe Main and Phoebe North. And if we had to airlift any patients, I can tell them which towns those patients were tracked and went to,” says Allen.

Allen says that they hope to have everyone in EMS trained with patient tracking by September.