Dougherty County DA discusses severity of Probate Judge’s arrest

(ALBANY, GA) – The Dougherty County Probate Court may need to start looking for a new judge.

This after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced Probate Judge, Leisa Blount had been arrested and charged with a pair of crimes.

“I have been informed the charges are allegations of terroristic threats and acts, and violation of oath of office,” says Dougherty County District Attorney Gregory Edwards.

The GBI says Blount’s charges stem from a witness who allegedly heard Blount threaten another Dougherty County employee.

Both criminal counts come with serious jail time if convicted.

Edwards tells us, “The maximum penalty is five years. If anyone is convicted, the sentence is what is imposed by the sentencing court, and the court will be looking at whatever the circumstances are.”

While the GBI handles the investigation, the Southern Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office will begin prosecution.

At which point, it ultimately boils down to what Blount actually said.

“The charges themselves, the charge of terroristic threats and acts is a felony if there’s an allegation that there was a suggestion of death made during the course of the threat,” says Edwards.

We reached out to both the GBI and the Dougherty County Probate court for further comment. The GBI has not returned our calls at this time; the Probate Court has declined to comment