Dougherty County Commission looks back on 2019

(ALBANY, GA)- The Dougherty County Commission has finished their work for 2019.

Commissioners say that this past year has been one of their most active in recent history.

District 6 Commissioner, Anthony Jones says, “I’ll tell you, I just want to tip my hat to my fellow commissioners. Because we’ve done some great work this year, and we’re looking forward to 2020.”

With the start of projects like the Radium Springs Memorial, to approval of Sunday Alcohol Sales, the county commissioners have made the most of 2019.

“We had many accomplishments this year, the board led us and the community in improving the Radium Springs Road system, which was about a 2.5 million dollar project,” says Dougherty County Administrator, Michael McCoy.

One of the issues they’ll look to continue tackling in 2020 is continuing to better prepare for severe weather.

McCoy says,”We are going to be setting up a housing rehabilitation program next year, and we’re very excited about that. That will help those moderate income citizens in this community who are still trying to recover from tornadoes, as well as Hurricane Irma.”

Commissioner Jones has plans like this in mind for Putney Park.

“We’ll have a safe room out there, that’s what the plans bring. If there’s another hurricane, that safe room is going to be one of those places that people in the community can go and be safe from a hurricane,” says Jones.

The Dougherty County Commission will reconvene on Monday, January 6th, 2020.