Dougherty Co. community leaders discuss possible crime lab

(ALBANY, GA) – Community leaders met Monday morning to discuss adding on to the proposed morgue, with the addition of a crime lab that would be used by Albany State students, as well as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.”

For Dougherty County District 5 Commissioner, Gloria Gaines, she alongside other community leaders want to see the viability of the proposed crime lab.

She tells us, “As we continue to discuss with Albany State and the appropriate government entities as to whether or not we can add the lab.”

For those on differing ends of the investigation spectrum like law enforcement and the district attorney’s office, a crime lab could prove beneficial for both.

“Right now the only place that we can get that done, if we can’t get over to Douglas with the GBI, we would have to go to Atlanta through the secret service,” says Albany Price chief, Michael Persley.

Dougherty County District Attorney, Gregory Edwards says a crime lab would benefit more than the immediate area.

Edwards says, “Albany state could serve as a regional crime lab, we could get some buy in from some of the other local governments that are certainly in our contiguous counties.”

however, at least one Albany State professor isn’t convinced of the crime lab’s necessity.

“I don’t see this commission, even those of us who want to build a lab on top of Albany State, that’s not gonna happen. Let’s be real. This group here posses the opportunity to do something…,” says ASU Criminal Justice Professor, Dr. Charles Ochie.

Commissioner Gaines says the sub-committee will continue their discussions with Albany State about the crime lab.