District Attorney gives update on accused child homicide

ALBANY, Ga. – Law enforcement have captured Rashad Nelson, who has been accused of beating a one-year-old child to death on Marie Avenue.

Autopsies on the child have ruled the death as blunt force trauma.

At this time, Dougherty County District Attorney, Gregory Edwards says they’re building a case for Felony Murder since the victim was well under the age of 18.

He tells us, “Any child that dies and the circumstances show that the child is under the age of 18, there is an immediate protocol that comes into play, and that protocol was invoked in this instance.”

U.S Marshals apprehended Nelson in Tallahassee over the weekend, and after subduing him, he’s currently waiting in a Tallahassee jail, to be sent back to Albany.

“This case is largely dependent on the forensic findings and the findings include evaluating all of the physical scenes where the child was found,” says Edwards.

For now, investigations will continue.

Edwards tells us, “The investigation is ongoing, we will look at all of the circumstances and make a final charging decision after the investigation is concluded.

The incident report for the death of the one-year-old is unavailable at this time.