DCSS goes pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

(ALBANY, Ga)- The Dougherty County schools normally wear their respective colors with pride.

But Tuesday was nothing but pink.

Thats because the DCSS held their annual Pink Out Tuesday in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, with students and faculty encouraged to wear pink.

DCSS Director of Community Relations, LaKisha Bryant-Bruce tells us, “This is our way to honor those who have fought the fight, and some have won. But also honor those who didn’t win their fight, but also encourage employees to take care of themselves. Get those annual screenings, to make sure that they are healthy.”

For a few of the staff members across the school system, it hits a little close to home.

“I actually had a personal experience with my mom passing away from Breast Cancer. So every time that October comes around, I try to push awareness with everyone. Especially the men because most men think that Breast Cancer can’t effect them, but it really can,” Says Robert Cross Magnet School teacher, Brandie Hall.

In addition to celebrating those who have fought the disease and won, the Pink Out also serves as a reminder to take your health into your own hands every so often.

Bruce says, “It is our way to raise awareness between our employees and students in regards to Breast Cancer. And how important it is that screenings take place and employees take care of themselves.”

While Hall tells us, “They’re learning about something that they’ve been affected by in their family. But they’re getting the opportunity to maybe express how they feel about certain situations as well as the teachers.”

Many of the Dougherty County schools also took the day to raise money for Breast Cancer research.