Crisp County School System trying to help all students during Coronavirus shutdown

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(CORDELE, GA)- For many parents in Cordele, they’re getting their kids lunch and also work packets for the grade level their kid is in during the closure of the schools from the Coronavirus.

Just ask Michelle Porter who was picking up work for her grandson in Kindergarten.

Porter told us, “Even though we are out on a pretty sad occasion, but i still enforce education. Without education, we can’t go nowhere…Nowhere.”

Many school systems in South Georgia are already moving to online classes.

For the Crisp County School System, this poses a small challenge for some, who may live out in the county and depend on rural Wi-Fi with connections possibly being spotty.

Crisp Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Brandon Williams says, “We want all of our students to have equal access. The same opportunities to continue their learning. So they can review materials that they’ve already gone over, and so whenever we have the opportunity to come back into the buildings, that we can pick up right where we left off and keep moving forward.”

For parents and guardians who understand if their child can’t get online or may be too young to be in an online classroom for part of the day, these packets will be the difference maker.

Porter says, “I understand that you’ve got parents who may not have access to the computer or internet. But if you have older siblings, you know, give em’ chance. Coach em’ along the way. You’d be surprised how eager they are to learn.”

While the rest of the school year is still up in the air for the time being, both parents and the Crisp County School System are hoping things are back on track by April.