Crisp County Lions Club gives out food Saturday

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(CORDELE, GA) – Following in the steps of the Moultrie Lions Club, the Crisp County Lions Club held their own “Truck to Trunk” food distribution event Saturday afternoon.

The Lions Club gave out nearly 2,000 boxes to members of the Crisp County community who are putting fresh produce on the table for their family members for the first time in months.

Lions Club President, Willie MayDexter tells us, “It is so important that we get these boxes out to people in the community in need. A 20 pound box of fresh fruit and vegetables, produce…”

For the people whom these boxes are going to, it’s a sign of relief for members of their families who can’t go out and get food themselves.

In the case of one Cordele woman, Frances Souther wasn’t just picking up a box for her mother, she made sure to get extras for her friends as well.

She says”Because they can’t get out and go, and i feel that i need to help the needy and i need to help the older people and all. I’m one of those people who if i can help the older generation, the younger generation, or whoever, then i’m willing to help anybody.”

Others came as well to pick up produce for their family members, young and old who couldn’t be out and about.

Candace Rigsby who was picking up for her mother tells us, “I think it’s important because people are afraid to go into the supermarkets right now because of the virus. So it’s a big help to be able to have this opportunity for people to come and get fresh food.”

“Due to the fact that food’s a little scarce because of the corona going around, and i just wanted to have a little extra in the house for me and my family,” says Lease Daniels as he was picking up a couple of boxes for members of his family.

As local groups like the lions club continue to help people put fresh produce on the table, many are hoping to keep this up as long as they need to.

Dexter says there isn’t a definitive date for a second truck to trunk distribution.