Cook Co. Schools to close for rest of November

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(ADEL, GA) – Starting Thursday, Cook County Schools will shut down for two weeks to minimize potential COVID-19 spread over the holiday.

It’s a decision that Superintendent, Dr Tim Dixon says they came to last Friday.

Dr. Dixon tells us, “We looked at the number of students who tested positive for COVID, we looked at the number of staff who’ve tested positive for COVID. We looked at the number of staff quarantines, and the number of student quarantines…”

In the two weeks that the school system will be closed, all school system buildings will be sanitized.

When asked about the staggered return at the start of December, Dr Dixon says they need to keep an eye out for symptoms developing among students and faculty.

He says, “We knew that families were going to be getting together for thanksgiving as as they traditionally do. And if we started school back on Monday, immediately after Thursday, we felt that may not be enough time to see if symptoms set in…”

Dr Dixon believes that the break will provide some much needed relief for both students and faculty in what’s already been a difficult school year; though he wants everyone in the school system to remain vigilant before they return at the start of the month.

He says, “Just remind them of the precautions that they can take at home, as well as the precautions they can take prior to coming back to school, to self monitor. And that’s what we encourage everybody to do.”

Students and faculty will return on December 2nd.