Community responds to Albany Municipal Court in Civic Center

(ALBANY, GA) – As the Dougherty County Judicial Building remains closed to the public due to extensive water damage, the Albany Municipal Court is finally re-opening; a couple of blocks away at the Civic Center.

“The citizens need to take care of their business. Understanding that, me and my team got together to try and find an alternate location so we could continue to have court. And the city was gracious enough to let us have the Civic Center,” says Albany Municipal Judge, Willie Weaver, who says their stay at the Civic Center is expected to be at least a few weeks, if not longer.

Judge Weaver tells us, “They tell us it’ll probably be two months before we can get back in. It’s primarily what I’m told based on security equipment. The security equipment to let citizens in was damaged…”

While Albany’s Municipal Court has found it’s temporary home at the Civic Center, many in the Good Life City are upset over the extended closure of the Judicial Building.

Albany resident, Lorenzo Logan tells us, “The Civic Center has dual responsibilities with graduations and all of that. And that’s not the way it should be. This needs to be squared away, up and running.”

“They need to get on their job, and stay on their job, instead of being slow with how many days they need to do it. They need to get it straightened out and get it done,” says fellow resident, Melissa Rutelidge.

While many are unhappy about the Judicial Building’s extended closure, the wheels of justice often roll slower than expected.

Judge Weaver says he’s brought the idea to the city to consider their own, separate courthouse from the Judicial Building.