Community boot camp helps Georgia teens

(ALBANY, Ga)-  With the Summer in full swing, one young adult in East Albany is working to instill discipline and values in local teens.

The camp is called Let Us Make Man Summer Boot Camp for Boys.

Throughout the summer, they’ll be learning discipline and the value of hard work from the man behind the idea: 19 year-old, King Randall.

Randall tells us, “I felt like as growing up, and looking at other boys and other men, there was no standard for them. So I felt I had to move on a conviction that I had to set a standard for boys in the community to be a traditional man.”

Every day during the week, King is running more than a dozen young men through military-style drills, while teaching them the importance of something like a community garden in an area like East Albany.

Randall says his young age helps him to connect to the young men.

“They can actually see, well okay I can be a teenager and still do something with my life. Not a 30 something year old coming to tell me what I should be doing. They don’t relate to me or being in this generation, but I do,” says Randall.

For some of the young men, they’re coming from as far west as Early County. However, they’re getting timeless experience at a young age.

11 year-old, Rykes Matthews says, “I’m here for discipline. To learn new things and learn how to become a man over the Summer.”

While 14 year-old, Tiderro Steele comes all the way from Early Conunty for the boot camp. He tells us, “It keeps a lot of kids off the streets, and learning different things they’re not supposed to. It’s better than them robbing or turning into a gang member. It actually helps us, and a lot of it is stuff I can do now in my free time.”

With the large turnout for the first year, Randall is definitely going to be expanding for next summer. He hopes to have 50 kids signed up.