Colquitt Regional improving brain performance through new technology

According to Colquitt Regional, this new program is two-fold to improve brain performance and stop cognitive decline

MOULTRIE, Ga. – Colquitt Regional is rolling out a new deep think program to help local brain power for both the here and now, as well as the future.

South Georgia Television News Reporter Quinlan Parker spoke with Renee Wcrosby, Director of speech pathology at Colquitt Regional about this new technology that is offering hope through a scientific exercise and is a first for this region.

“We are proud the be to be the first healthcare organization in the region to develop a program that aims to decrease cognitive decline.” said Wcrosby.

This program is going to be utilized as a preventative tool for those who have a family history of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

“So we want to identify these people who are at greater risk.” said Wcrosby.

Those risks would be anyone who suffered a concussion, brain or head injury, or have a family member with cognitive diseases. Renee explains how this program came to fruition.

“It came about because our CEO is rather progressive and he encourages us too, to always be thinking about how we can do more and help people more in different ways.” Wcrosby said.

Colquitt Regional wants to help those with cognitive decline by improving their quality of life, but there are requirements the participants must meet.

“We do require physician referral for those who suspect they have a cognitive decline and want to participate in the program.” said Wcrosby.

Cognitive decline may be more obvious with older people, but young children suffer from it too, which is why the new brain health program will transition from older adults at it’s start, and then toward school aged children.

“There are many children who are born with dyslexia. That term has been around for many years, it’s sadly that it’s only received more attention in the most recent years.” said Wcrosby.

The program will be administered at the Vereen Center by Speech Pathology and learning center therapists where they started receiving participants Tuesday.

If you would like more information on Brain Health Services you can call 229-890-3553