Coffee Co. Residents Picking Up The Pieces Following Weekend Storm

(DOUGLAS, GA) – While the Red Cross is continuing their damage assessment and crews remain hard at work, we spoke with a few residents at one Coffee County trailer park about the damage the storm has left to their homes.

For folks like Carrie Johnson who evacuated, she, much like others is beside herself at the carnage.

She says, “It’s just a bad situation for everybody to have to deal with and go through these kind of hard times.”

For Lacresia Chaney and her nine year old daughter, the situation in this weekend’s storms became very dicey.

“My mom, she was stuck in the middle in the tornado, right around the corner from here on the paved road in her van. And her and my nine year old here, they were in the van caught in the middle of the tornado. And I couldn’t imagine what it felt like for them in there,” says Chaney

Red Cross South Central Georgia Regional Director, Terri Jenkins tells us, “The count is around 100 people have been affected and have been sheltered in hotels. So what is continuing to happen is case work.”

While others came down to the trailer park to try and help with the cleanup effort.

Douglas resident, Steven Harrell tells us, “It’s just bad to see all of these people going through this.And it’s just the grace of god that nobody got hurt or had any fatalities in this.”

While “I can’t believe it, I’m just glad that I wasn’t over this way,” says fellow Douglas resident, Billy Spires

While his neighbor, Robbie Jewel tells us, “Yeah, I can’t believe this. I never saw nothing like this.”

The Red Cross tells us that up to 100 people opted to evacuate over the weekend, it’s not clear how many have been cleared to return to their homes.