Closer look: Moultrie Police Department’s new four-legged recruit

MOULTRIE, Ga. – In an attempt to crack down on drugs, the Moultrie Police Department brought on a new recruit.

“He’s a very personable dog,” says Officer Dylan Thompson.

MPD’s new recruit has four legs, a tail and he’s only two and a half years old.

But this pooch from Holland is now a vital asset to the Special Operations Division.

“His job is to cut down on crime, find narcotics, illegal guns things that we don’t really want out there in our city.”

So don’t let his pretty face fool you Zorro and his handler officer Thompson have gone through nine weeks of training. Zorro can sniff out narcotics, track missing people, catch fleeing suspects and can detain threatening individuals.

“His first day on the road we had a traffic stop and he located narcotics and an illegal gun inside of the vehicle.”

Officer Thompson also believes that having Zorro on the force will help build bridges with people in the community.

“I think people find it comforting to see a dog out there working as kind of a neutral party so to speak.”

And for Officer Thompson, having the K-9 by his side is a dream come true.

“This was my dream when I was hired, they asked me what my goals were and one of my goals was to be a k-9 handler so im very happy to have achieved that.”