City of Thomasville celebrates 100th annual Rose Festival

(THOMASVILLE, GA) – After having to cancel last year’s event over COVID-19 concerns, the City of Thomasville is kicking off the 100th iteration of the Rose Festival today.

For members of the city, they’re welcoming thousands back this weekend, and know what it means to local business owners.

“We’re excited to bring this event downtown again so they can have that thriving weekend. This is gonna be a great opportunity for people who’ve maybe been away from Thomasville for a year to come back and greet the store owners they’ve missed,” says Thomasville Director of Marketing, Sarah Baggett

While they’re expecting large crowds, they’re making sure that any and all guests are being kept safe.

Sarah tells us, “You’re going to see a lot of signage encouraging masks and social distancing. You’ll see distance spacers on the ground, six feet apart so you can social distance as well.”

Regardless of a couple of COVID safety precautions, owners in Downtown Thomasville are excited for the rose festival after last year’s cancellation.

Local business owner, Amy Hart “This year all of the shop owners are going all out with store decor, with special products and events in the shops. And we couldn’t be happier to welcome people back to Downtown Thomasville for the event this year.”

“It’s just fun and bright and festive, and of course the roses are always so pretty. Of course we’re participating with a window contest downtown, and to see everyone out and about again,” says fellow owner, Nan Myers.

For one of the newest business owners downtown, she’s excited to be a part of her first rose festival.

Owner, Mandy Black, says, “This town has been so open, and friendly and welcoming to me. Im super excited to be here. I grew up in a small town in north georgia and i’m excited to be a part of a small town again.”

The Rose Festival will run throughSaturday, April 24th.