City of Sylvester holds public vigil for Larry Johnson

(SYLVESTER, GA) – The flag outside City Hall flew at half mast while red and black balloons adorn their beloved train depot.

This is Sylvester, celebrating the life of their departed City Councilman, Larry Johnson.

“Larry was the heart of the community. He loved his children, he loved Sylvester, Worth County, and beyond…,” says his wife of 20 years, Tangela.

Johnson passed away over the weekend, in what’s described as a COVID induced pneumonia, after serving Sylvester for more than 27 years.

Tangela says that Larry fought it like he did everything in his life: With all of his heart.

She tells us, “He was my soul mate, and i’m gonna miss him. He fought a long fight, and he fought as long as he could.”

Councilman Johnson’s passing isn’t just the loss of a long-standing public official. To many in Sylvester, it’s the loss of a life long friend.

Wonna King grew up only doors away from Larry and knew him for most of her life, and he cared about serving the public.

“He did everything that he could do to keep the community together. He was always out doing stuff for the kids in the community. He came up with ‘Kids in the Park'” says King.

While Tim Sadler spoke with Larry on nearly a weekly basis, and saw him as one of the best public officials the city has ever had.

Sadler says, “He’s like the glue that held this city together. All sides of towns, all aspects, all social demographics. And whether talking to the governor, to talking to the lowest person at the lowest station, he was just a real cool person.”

Whether they grew up just down the street , or worked along side him in 27 years of service the city, Larry Johnson will never be forgotten by the people and town, that he loved.

Larry Johnson was 62 years young.

Visitation will be all day Friday, from 9 A.M. to 8 P. M. at Fields Fueneral Home in Sylvester

He’ll be laid to rest Saturday afternoon, at Shepherd Memorial Gardens.