City of Albany holds runoff election for Mayoral Race

(ALBANY, Ga)- The General Election may be done and over with, but in the City of Albany, an important race is still going on.

Starting with seven candidates, two are left for a runoff election.

Current Mayor and Incumbent, Dorothy Hubbard, and local lawyer, Bo Dorough.

“What we want the public to take away from this is that we still need them to come out and vote. And certainly, while one election is over, it’s a new election season,” says Mayor Hubbard.

Between all candidates, no one had more than 30% of the vote with Hubbard having only a couple hundred more votes than Dorough.

The small margin is enough to trigger the runoff.

Dorough told us Wednesday afternoon, “Seventy percent of the people who went to the polls yesterday voted against someone who’s been in office for eight years. Seventy percent of the people who went to the polls understand the city needs to go in a different direction. We can talk about those problems…”

While Tuesday, December 3rd is the scheduled date for all runoff elections in Georgia, as of Wednesday, its the start of a new campaign trail, but with less time.

Hubbard says,“We started hitting the ground running early this morning, and we will be ready for the runoff on December 3rd.”

“We also need to remind the voters that the fact that they did not vote yesterday, does not exclude them from voting in the runoff. Every eligible voter is qualified to vote in the runoff,” says Dorough.

No other candidate besides Dorough and Hubbard had more than 25% of the votes in Albany.