ASU to receive $20 million in HBCU funding

(ALBANY, GA) – Albany State University is getting. A major boost thanks to 20 million dollars in funding. To a lot of people, this amount of money is a massive difference maker.

For an HBCU alumni like Antjuan Mitchell, he knows what 20 million in financial aid can do for historically black colleges..

He tells us, “In a community like Albany, we don’t have that much funding going on in places, this will create a lot of events that can gather, and allow children to see what they normally wouldn’t at an HBCU place.”

At least 10 million dollars of the funding is earmarked for student financial aid.

Tyrone Harris, owner of Spanky’s Barbershop near ASU’s West Campus, says he couldn’t be happier to see Albany State get their fair share of the funding pie.

“This is nice. This is what we need here in Albany. Especially with the pandemic and everything right now and people need help, it’s wonderful. People need this in Albany, Georgia,” says Harris.

Even for those who didn’t attend a historically black college know that this will make a difference for the next generation of college students in the Good Life City.

Albany resident, Casey McNair tells us, “You know what I’m saying, we’ve come so far. So far. And I just think it’s the beginning and I think it’s on the upward spiral.”

Albany State University has not returned our request for an interview at this time.