ASU Students and faculty respond to possible impeachment

(ALBANY, GA) –¬†Despite being hundreds of miles away from the turmoil in our nation’s capitol, students and faculty at Albany State University have been buzzing about a possible second impeachment.

Political Science Professor, Dr Kwame Dankwa says the impeachment plan spans across both sides of the political aisle.

“Republicans believe, or some Republicans believe that the current situation in the country is very polarizing, now is not the time to hold back on the second impeachment of the same president,” says Dr. Dankwa.

Some students we spoke to believe a second impeachment of president trump, should be a relatively simple decision.

“He unleashed literal thugs on our nation’s capitol, people died. I think it’s very appropriate. He does not deserve any of our governmental funds after he is out of office,” says ASU Junior, Arione Hunter.

But as Dr Dankwa tells us, a possible impeachment could bring unintended consequences.

He tells us, “I believe that while impeachment may be right, that it will further deepen the divide in America.”

As some students and faculty are clear cut on where they stand, others believe that a second impeachment with less than two weeks left in trump’s presidency might be…..

” …A little too late to do a second impeachment. The first one wasn’t successful, Donald Trump feels like he can do and say whatever he wants to, just because he is the president, and is the head of the entire nation,” says Albany State Freshman, Alexis Wright.

There will be increased security for the inauguration following the incident at the capitol.