ASU professor discuses recent string officer involved shootings

(ALBANY, GA) – The recent string of officer involved shootings across Southwest Georgia has sparked some conversation. And why it is that some are willing to confront law enforcement.

Albany State University Criminal Justice Professor, Dr Patrick Ibe tells us, “After coming out from the lockdown, it’s had an impact on people, but the GBI says that it’s still common. It’s what we’re seeing in the other parts of the country.”

Ibe says the COVID-19 pandemic has likely played a part in officer involved shootings such as Eldorado’s incident and another in Adel recently

Dr Ibe elaborates that the pandemic created a level of pressure many hadn’t felt before, and some are now reacting accordingly.

He syas, “Because of stress from unemployment, it’s a very big problem. And then young people are idle and out of school, and those have led to an increase.”

But Iay says that shouldn’t be seen as a license to commit violent crimes.

“Don’t think that, because of the pandemic, that you can just do anything you want and get out of it. This is still a law abiding country,” says Ibe.

According to the GBI, there have been 41 officer involved shootings so far this year.