ASU Alumni hold public forum for HBCU

(ALBANY, Ga)- Albany citizens met once again Thursday evening to publicly discuss State Senate Bill 278, that would consolidate three of Georgia’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

“We are trying to make sure that we have more venues to talk about it. That people get to weigh in on whether it not it becomes a bill that gets to be voted on in 2020,” says Albany State Adjunct Professor, Tijuana Malone.

State Senator, Freddie Powell Sims, who opposes the bill fielded concerns and questions from the community about Senate Bill 278.

She has said that this bill spiraled out of an original study between histrocally black and white colleges.

The State Senator told those in attendance, “We wanted to study it, so we can figure out how to close that gap. That was the original premise. It has mushroomed and morphed into something totally different. Something that none of us signed on to…”

Albany City Commissioner Jon Howard says, the senate bill passing could create an economic gap in Albany, since ASU made nearly a quarter billion dollar impact in 2018.

“”With a consolidation of the three historically black institutions, and trying to make sure we keep the retention there and the students and enrollment at certain peaks. It would have a profound impact on the city,” says Howard.

Senator Lester Jackson, from Savannah, who supported the bill, was originally set to speak.

He was forced to re-schedule due to conflict resulting from Hurricane Dorian.