APD investigating possible arson

(ALBANY, Ga)- The Albany Police and Fire Department are looking for someone involved in a suspected arson early Tuesday morning.

First responders were bon the scene at a Mississippi Avenue home in East Albany before 8 o’clock.

Jessica Harris is one of the people who lived in the building, tells us how it all started.

She says, ” I was walking outside, getting ready to take my daughter to summer camp, and noticed that the neighbor car was turning brown, her white car at the top on the driver’s side, and smoke was coming out. So then my mom ran, knocking on her door to let her know her car was on fire.”

Harris tells us from there, the fire in the car proceeded to grow until it had spread to the house, causing damage to both properties.

She also says it could’ve been much worse for her neighbor, telling us, “As soon as the neighbor opened the passenger door,it burst into flames. She was able to get away from the door, but it moved pretty quickly. And very quickly to our side.”

Police reports say no one was injured in the fire and all residents are safe. Now Harris and her family are picking up the pieces.

Harris says, “Pretty much just get what we can out of the apartment and go from there.”

At this time police say the investigation is still active.