Albany’s Operation: Clean Sweep heads to Ward 6

(ALBANY, GA) – Albany’s Ward 6 is the next spot for Operation: Clean Sweep. And some residents are saying that cleaning up the trash is the first step towards rehabbing the neighborhood’s image.

Ward 6 resident, Fred Werts knows as he lives in Ward 6, and he welcomes clean sweep as the first step towards making his street more livable.

“This area here is just awful. I can go down here and clean it up, walk back in, come two o’clock, it’s all back there. But the community has to work together with the city,” says Werts.

Albany Public Works Director, Stacey Rowe says crews are doing more than simply taking out the trash.

Rowe says, “Right away, we’re mowing, doing litter pickup, edging, street sweeping, cleaning storm and catch basins, trimming trees around street lights, and other situations around signs…

Ward 6 Commissioner, Demetrius Young says that as crews move throughout the city districts, the goal, especially for the constituents he represents, is to raise the quality of life for everyone.

Commissioner Young tells us, “When we do things like this, that they have a lasting effect. It takes all of us. Not just city workers, and city government but it also takes our residents, and our neighborhoods to keep them clean and enjoyable.”

As Operation: Clean Sweep rakes its way through South Albany, it’s an important first step towards improving the city, with, more to hopefully follow in those footsteps.