Albany unveils electric vehicle charging stations

(ALBANY, GA) – You may notice some new pumps in Downtown Albany.

Well they aren’t gas pumps, they’re charging stations.

And they’re the city’s first steps towards a greener future through the use of electric cars.

Albany Mayor, Bo Dorough says that having these electric pumps as*destination chargers* could play a role in the city’s long-term future.

“I would like the City of Albany to set a goal to start transitioning to an electric fleet by 2035. We could be a leader…,” said Mayor Dorough Wednesday afternoon.

The plan to have these charging stations has been in the works for over a year according to Assistant City Manager, Kenneth Stock.

Though there isn’t an exact number on how much stations like these are going to be a factor years down the road.

Stock tells us, “We think that electric vehicle use will be up in the 30-ish percentile, and so there’s going to be a high demand for charging stations.”

Despite the infrequency of electric cars on the roads of the Good Life City at this point in time, these stations are a welcome first step.

Mayor Dorough says, “It would be a net revenue gain for the city, but more importantly, i think it would be a profound testament to our commitment to combat climate change.”

Mayor Dorough also said during the ribbon cutting that the need for the charging stations comes from electric cars becoming more affordable.